I decided to hop onto the “terrible pun” bandwagon, if you didn’t already notice.

I mainly leafed through various interview articles, YouTube Videos, and pop culture websites for the information I needed for my study, and found that I really only needed “research” for my intro post, and stuck more to just video watching while writing my speech and creating my learning centre. My resources are as follows!


1. Humble’s Official Website/Tumblr

This is Humble’s Tumblr blog, and official platform where he posts and keeps his followers up to date. Another place where he shares a lot of his thoughts is his Twitter, which you can find here. I only used his Tumblr a few times, mainly because of some questions he had answered that helped me, or to get links to some of his music and his book, which is only sold online.


2. BuzzFeed

I really enjoy reading BuzzFeed’s short and sweet articles anyways, so when I came across this article about Humble and Lilly’s (iiSuperwomanii) collaboration “#LEH” I knew it’d be cool to as a quick read to get a more popular and public view on one of Humble’s more well known projects. It’s a super quick read, but if you’re interested in a more in-depth interview about the project, the next website should help you out…


3. Huffington Post

This is a more detailed article about Humble and Lilly’s project “#LEH,” as it is an interview with both of them about their going about this project and the ideas behind it. It’s simple to skim, as well as interesting and entertaining to read. Again, this mainly helped me with my intro post, as I had already known about and watched #LEH for myself previous to this project, but it was a good point of view to read from, as it got personal with them on the reasons behind the music and the video.


4. Sikh Chic

This is the first of a few interviews with Humble I used to gather information, and it mainly talks about how he started off his career in music, and why he spreads his message. The comments under the blog post were also helpful, as they were thoughts from some fans and appreciators of Humble.


5. Yes Punjab

Another interview! In this short article, Humble mainly talks about being Punjabi, and how his culture ties into his poetry and music. This one has a lot of dialogue from Humble himself, and gives the reader an interesting point of view into his thoughts on how people react to his music.


6. Humble’s YouTube Channel

YouTube was my main source of information, because what better way to learn about someone than from that person them self? Humble’s channel is comprised of rant videos about society, audio videos of his music, music videos, slam poetry, #UnLearn videos (based on concepts he talks about in his book), happiness, and various other topics. He’s made many videos with Lilly Singh (iiSuperwomanii on YouTube), as well as has collaborated with other people to discuss different topics, mainly under his playlist #UnLearn. He also has links on his channel to his other social medias, and to a free download site to download his older music.


7. Last.FM

On this radio website I found a slightly extensive biography of Humble, and found it helpful for some basic facts. This would probably be a good place to start reading on if you’re interested!


8. Northwestern University Undergraduate Research

This is not so much of an interview as it is an article, but it is written by someone who has met and talked to Humble. I deemed it as fairly helpful, as well as a refreshing read and perspective of my eminent person.


9. NH7 Radio

Low and behold, the third and last interview with Humble that I came across. This was a more lengthy interview, talking about many aspects of Humble’s career and other such topics. This would be a good one to start your reading on as well!


lmao humble

Those are basically all the resources I used during the composition of my intro post, as well as during my speech writing and learning centre creation. I found – and this didn’t surprise me – that the place I mainly went to for most of this project was Humble’s YouTube channel, as I was focused more on his current thoughts and ideas, and found his weekly video updates quite helpful. I was also able to dig through his old videos and music, and found some real gems.