Oh dear.

These two words, I feel, near perfectly describe the interview process for me.

I think it’d be wise to start from the beginning, so from the beginning we shall start!

My first approach to attaining an interview for this project was originally planned towards contacting my actual eminent person, and to hopefully gather some information about his inspirations to create the YouTube videos, music, and poetry while addressing the topics he does. So naturally, I composed an email (which took me forever by the way – lots of proofreading and help from my mom):

Now after talking to other people who had also emailed their own eminent people, the odds didn’t look to good for an immediate reply. However, I was extremely pleasantly surprised when Humble’s manager actually replied to me the following morning!

So at this point, I proceeded to email Carolyn back with the actual questions I was interested in my eminent person answering:

After having sent this email, I waited a few days… then a week… and this was the moment when I realized this was going to be a problem.

Obviously I know my eminent person was and is very busy, but as I was hoping for some answers, as well as looking forward to a response, I figured I might as well wait a bit more to see if he would respond, even after my speech and learning centre were over with.

Eventually I waited a bit too long, and still wasn’t able to interview him in the end. In came plan B), whom I had honestly thought of as my original interview person, but I guess I was a bit preoccupied in the thought that I might be able to actually interview my eminent person himself that I set this option to the side. This person is a good friend of my mom’s, and I knew he’d be a good person to get some insight from, even if it is just involved in widening my learning experience and understanding of my person’s work, after all the presentation were done.

I got to talking on the phone with Faisal, and was able to set up an interview with him via email that I do believe gives me a valuable point of view on the same concepts and ideas my eminent person, Humble the Poet, works with.

The questions I asked, as well as his answers to them are as stated:

My original intentions for this interview were obviously scrapped as things hadn’t gone as originally planned, however, I’m still proud to say that it was a learning experience most definitely. Not only did I learn that maybe it’s wise to go ahead and act upon first instinct (a.k.a. actually emailing Faisal and Humble both at first to see what responses I would get), but also, I was able to get an interesting point of view on some of the questions I was wondering about myself, from someone who wasn’t my actual eminent person, which I believe was a nice touch to final insights and thoughts from this project, and challenged me to really be creative and go off what I had with my speech and learning centre.

I am lucky to know a person such as Faisal personally, as he was not only eager to answer some of my burning questions, but I do feel that his answers were concise, yet meaningful. I think the answer that surprised me (for a lack of better term) the most was the answer to question 4, on the topic of wisdom being gained from lack of innocence. This one mainly intrigued me, as I have just recently written a poem about wisdom and innocence for an English assignment, and I hadn’t even thought of his take on the concept when initially working with it.

Another thing that I honestly just admire about both Humble the Poet and Faisal, is the passion they hold for what they do. I’ve known Faisal for around two or three years now, and since I met him it was clear how passionate he was for his work of guiding and encouraging youth to live happier lives, and that passion was developed mainly through personal struggles and experience. This is the same with Humble; both have experienced struggles and hardships that allowed them to not only become the kind of knowledgeable and wise people they are today, but that led them to pursuing careers that make them feel fulfilled with how they’re contributing to the growth of the people around them.

I guess in short, you could say I genuinely find both of these people past admirable.