This is gonna be a short lil’ post just to update anyone who’s interested on a thing I made.

I decided that for socials – as discussed in my midterm – I find I never really tend to document my learning so much, and lean more towards discussion when it comes to learning. Now, this really only becomes a bit of a setback when I want to actually reflect back on the things I’ve done, or thoughts I’ve had, or discussions I’ve made, as it’s kinda hard to record every discussion I have ever. So, as a result, I’ve created a Tumblr blog that I will dedicate toward discussion on the things I’m most passionate about, like topics such as equality, activism, current events, social justice, and all that good stuff!

This is where you can find my Tumblr, if any of y’all are interested or intrigued (if you’re not you should check it out anyways cause I got a pretty cool theme.)