Things are getting wild with my mentor!

As of the meeting previous to my last, we discussed taking fusion music into directions I had never thought of before. The last meeting with my mentor was over facetime, as neither of us were available to meet in person for too long. Brief but valuable, she had devised some tasks for me to complete for our next meeting, and during our call, I was able to create a flow chart of sorts to help organize our ideas.

My last post outlined some of the various styles and forms of inspiration my mentor has advised me to take a listen to. After delving through a deep hole of so many kinds of fusion music, we were able to discuss a few ideas I was interested in and wanted to explore further.


De Bono’s Guidelines:

#5 Discuss any new points of view you developed while in conversation with your mentor.

After talking about realistic possibilities with my mentor, it is clear that my original plan of having three completed fusion songs ready for performance by the end of these next few months is slightly unrealistic. She talked about how I cannot underestimate how much there is to research about a topic as broad as this, and as diverse. It took me much longer to specify and reevaluate where to take this project and creation of music than anticipated, and now with around 3 months remaining, I have decided to mostly focus on curating one piece of music I can really explore deeply and properly. The difficulty now is focusing my scattered thoughts into one idea, and focusing in only on that idea, not being trailed off in another direction completely.

#6 What were some of the alternative perceptions that are new to you.

I had known that modern pop and Bollywood was a more popular way to fuse music and has been done a lot, but it wasn’t as clear to meĀ just how common it was. While discussing with Nina, we came to a mutual agreement that in order to properly explore the roots of mt culture through this music, it would be more interesting if I were to gravitate towards something a bit more unconventional and unheard of. This idea did, and still slightly intimidates me, but I think it’s an essential path to take in order to really feel satisfied in the process and at the end.

#9 How do your mentor values differ from yours?

One thing I didn’t expect going into this mentorship relationship is how excited my mentor was to share my work with the public. My idea for this project was to keep it a bit more personal and private, but my mentor has recommended me organizations and hubs in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland in which I would be able to share my music with others and enter it into a place surrounding Indian culture. Another value that we don’t always see eye to eye on is the validity of modern pop music, as I believe modern Western pop music has a value that doesn’t necessarily have to do with the lyrics or what a song means, but more how it makes you feel. My mentor sees modern pop and amateur and meaningless, which is something I hope to reason with her on.

Through this week I will most likely update an extra post on my progress of tying together various genres from different cultures. I am also seriously thinking of putting on a performance instead of a learning center in May! Hopefully this will be possible