To many, Confederation is not a choice, but a force that we have been driven towards out of urgency. As we gather here today, we must think; will we be content as mere colonies existing side by side, or is it more in order to come together as one great nation? One of financial and cultural success, one of representation for all!

Many fear that this development will jeopardize the dignity and identity of these separate colonies, and feel it is best for those in need of support to flourish on and support themselves. However, the purpose of banding together and reconvening into one great nation is not to tear apart these separate identities, but to tie them together and share them with one another. Imagine a place where we are able to mutually understand one another, and respect one another, a time in which we may come together to support one another’s needs, and build off one another’s strengths.

We shall not follow that of our American brothers; we may not turn against one another in fight for the ultimate decision of power. We shall, instead distribute power, and bring our people together. We cannot be content with violence as a form of decision making. We must think toward what it right for all, what is best for the greater good.