Greetings, traveller! I am the creator of this blog, Anika and I’m a grade 10 TALONS. I’m an avid user of headphones, enjoy journaling, laughing a lot, and enjoy long and detailed conversations about life and existence (with other people – don’t let me get buried in my own thoughts.) I regularly enjoy coffee and tea, puns and witty comebacks, books, and sing¬†a lot. That’s really all you need to know about me from a reader’s point of view, though I do enjoy talking to people so feel free to say hello!

I’m hoping some of the content I post here is something you find relatively intruiging, amusing, or perhaps both. Though the majority of this blog will be used for discussion thoughts and project updates, I wouldn’t be surprised if I found myself posting about things that I find worthy of talking or inquiring about, TALONS related or not.

Have a great day, and please browse around here if you’d like!

Signed, Anika