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Cartier’s Speech – Quebec Conference, 1865

To many, Confederation is not a choice, but a force that we have been driven towards out of urgency. As we gather here today, we must think; will we be content as mere colonies existing side by side, or is it more in order to come together as one great nation? One of financial and cultural success, one of representation for all! Many fear that this development will jeopardize the.. Read More

Could Quebecois Sovereignty Be A Result of Confederation?

(this is irrelevant so skip to the actual post if you want to – I was listening to this song while writing this post and it made for just the right amount of cynicism about the whole Confederation thing for me to write this post) In a situation where decisions are made for the “greater good,” it can be difficult to identify the “right” and “wrong” of multiple sides. Through.. Read More

Yeh Sangeet Mere Dil Ko Lagaaya (In-Depth #5)

“I feel the music in my heart.” I was on the phone with my grandmother the other night, and I was explaining my in-depth project to her (what it is, what my project is). My grandmother was a musical icon in her neighbourhood in Calcutta, and has been involved with Indian music her entire life. I told her I was on a mission to blend Indian music and western music.. Read More

Finding My Voice (In-Depth #4)

Things are getting wild with my mentor! As of the meeting previous to my last, we discussed taking fusion music into directions I had never thought of before. The last meeting with my mentor was over facetime, as neither of us were available to meet in person for too long. Brief but valuable, she had devised some tasks for me to complete for our next meeting, and during our call,.. Read More

Is it Worth it For What We Believe In? – November 30, 1837

November 30, 1837 Days are short and nights grow long, and I have none but this mere paper and pen to keep me company. I have no whereabouts on Wolfred, though perhaps he has found his way south as I have. He was a great man, never letting fear breach his eyes. It was an honour to fight alongside him, against those filthy Brits. The audacity, to rob us of.. Read More

The Line Between Patriotism and Treason

David Maxey goes into depth about the enforcement of treason during the American Revolution, and the difference between committing treason as a patriot and as a loyalist. He talks about how the crime can be seen as confusing, as one would think treason against one party would simply mean to convert to the other. Laws were fuzzy, governments were confusing, and the crime was one that was being worked toward diminishing.. Read More

Exploring the (In)Depths (In-Depth #3)

As my mentor was unable to meet with me since our last meeting, she had given me a large list of resources to look to and check out to grab inspiration from. I have been working my way through them, and by the end (hopefully by this weekend) I will have a visual organizer of the different paths in which I would like to pursue this project, as she suggested… Read More

Where Are We Going? (In-Depth #2)

It never ceased to amaze how much an idea can change once it’s being put into action. I was able to confirm Nina Buddhdev, a good friend of my mom’s, as my mentor. She has studied some depth into Indian classical music, and is very passionate about Hindustani music and encouraging Hindustani music into the modern music scene in the Tri-Cities. Before meeting with her for the first time, I.. Read More

Valuing Culture and Diversity: How It Affects All of Us

I’ve really been looking forward to socials this semester; it’s so wild to believe TALONS is almost over already. One of my big goals throughout the entire program, but is one I’d really like to focus on this semester in this class is stepping out of my comfort zone and looking at things in ways I may not necessarily agree with, like different view points, or learning about things that.. Read More