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Back to My Roots (In-Depth #1)

At the end of last year, I thought I had this year’s In-Depth all figured out: film-making. However, over the past few months, I have come across an art that never struck my mind before as something I wanted to do until I came to know about it. Something that connects my biggest passion with my culture: Indian fusion music. Basically, my project this year is going to be mashing.. Read More

Do I Already Miss Eminent? ‘Deed I Do (Eminent #6 – FINAL)

That’s St(ella) by starlight, and not a dream. What a wild ride. It’s so crazy to believe how far I have come personally, as well as how the whole group has come since our grade 9 eminent speeches. I can still vividly remember how nervous I was waiting to give my speech in 2015. And that too, I had a script in my hand, my friends in the crowd, and.. Read More

Chick Webb and His Famous Swing Band ft. Ella Fitzgerald (Eminent #5)

I knew that even though my grade 9 learning center wasn’t necessarily chalk full of text, I wanted my learning center this year to be much more of an environment. As soon as I decided on my person, I immediately went to work, thinking of relevant environments I could recreate for my learning center about Ella. My listed consisted of the following: Ella’s tour bus The choice was clear. Below.. Read More

The Endless Quest for an Interview (Eminent #4)

When I went into this year’s eminent study, I had absolute confidence that finding an interview would be the least of my concerns, easy in fact! However, after approaching three different people and receiving no real response, I was left interviewless. It began with approaching Ms. Norma Miller who used to be friends with Ella Fitzgerald and saw her sing in public the first time she ever tried. I endlessly.. Read More

BibELLAgraphy (Eminent #3)

Through the course of my Eminent person study, I used two major sources to obtain a strong understanding of my person’s life, however, here is an annotated list of all the sources I used! 1. Ella Fitzgerald Life Biography Movie This was my main source for my study: an 11 part video biography on the life of Ella Fitzgerald. This contained a good chunk of her live performances, as well as.. Read More

Two Sides of the Coin (Eminent #2)

Throughout the process of learning about the life and essence of my eminent person, Ella Fitzgerald, it took me a while to really focus in on what I wanted to convey through my address on Night of the Notables. I wanted to really capture a singular moment, either a turning point in her life or one detailed aspect about her that differed her from the rest. After much consideration of.. Read More

The First Lady of Song: Ella Fitzgerald (Eminent #1)

The Queen of Jazz, the First Lady of Swing, Lady Ella; “Every singer who came after Ella adopted her standard – and her standard was the highest.” – Norma Miller Born April 25, 1917, in Newport News, Virginia, Ella Jane Fitzgerald is known today as one of the most revolutionary and masterful jazz singers of all time. Her impeccable and uncanny ability to flawlessly imitate riffs of instruments is known for.. Read More

Descriptive Narrative: Defining my Own Femininity

New year, same blog. This is my descriptive narrative piece based off my medicine wheel value, “self-worth.” This piece is meant to describe my experiences with femininity in my life, and how it plays an interesting role in my self-worth and identity.   Day in, day out, when morning manages to make it’s way through my bedroom windows, I end up looking through my closet. I see empty shirts hanging.. Read More

Why Does Love Hurt So Good?| Science 9 Final

Alas, our final project of the year! It’s been a wild ride. Here is my TED Talk: Why Does Love Hurt So Good? Sources: Berezow, A. (2014, May 20). Genes matter: People marry mates with similar DNA but different immune systems | Genetic Literacy Project. Retrieved June 15, 2016, from https://www.geneticliteracyproject.org/2014/05/20/genes-matter-people-marry-mates-with-similar-dna-but-different-immune-systems/ Cleary, S. C. (2016, February 11). Why do we love? A philosophical inquiry – Skye C. Cleary. Retrieved June.. Read More

Things Are Fasch Approaching (In-Depth #6)

I think one thing I can confidently say I’ve learned through this experience of trying to write three different songs, is that writing a single song takes a long time, let alone a compilation of three songs. I think I’ve concluded by this point that by In-Depth night, I will be able to complete two out of three of my original songs I planned to write. I feel like going.. Read More