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I can't quite comprehend whether it's the real life or just fantasy.


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The Strauss is Real (In-Depth #5)

Lately, things have been getting a little emotional during my musical pursuance, but alas, it is all for… art. I find that when I’m getting in my “zone” to write something that fits a certain mood, I get very heavily engrossed in that mood and it can reflect on my day. My songs have very contrasting moods, and so when I write for the darker piece, I literally have to.. Read More

Getting a Handel on Things (In-Depth #4)

These past two weeks have been much more productive than much of the time leading up to them. Song ideas are starting to make me very excited, as well as increased jam sessions to figure out some moods I want to work with. I’ve been working on creating character with my mentor, and I’m slowly upping my theory game. I could go on just like this, but I believe it’s.. Read More

The Moz-Art of Organization (In-Depth #3)

It’s post # 3, and oh my goodness! My mentor-ship with Libby has been going pretty great, and  find it’s a different experience when I’m talking to her more as my mentor than as my voice teacher. We meet every week at my lessons, and each of our “sessions” so far have been something like 20-minute check ins bi-weekly of how things are going and what kinds of questions I.. Read More

A Scar-lot-ti to Think About (In-Depth #2)

A month sure has flown by quickly since the start of this project, and in this time, I feel like there’s been a lot of adjusting and planning happening in terms of how I’m going to approach music composition. Since my mentor is indeed my voice teacher, I do meet her every Saturday for our lessons. However, it will definitely be interesting to be focusing on both my voice technique/repertoire.. Read More

Music, Music Everywhere! (In-Depth #1)

Deciding on what I was going to pursue for in-depth was definitely on of the harder decisions I’ve made so far this year. It was a lingering decision, but I figured whatever don’t do this year, I can always save for next year, right? So for In-Depth 2k16 I’ve made decided to tackle the art of music composition, both acoustic/traditional music, as well as electronically produced music. Initially thinking of.. Read More

Trish Mandewo: Believing in Possibility is a Golden Rule

**Check out my prompt at the bottom! Perhaps you might even inspire yourself…** When approaching this assignment, I felt like before I had even decided on who I wanted to interview, I knew what I wanted the final result to convey. So when my mom told me about her friend, Trish, I immediately knew she was someone who would inspire me. Independent business owner, speaker, and mentor, Trish Mandewo is.. Read More

ZIP – Final Poem

When we’re by ourselves, we’re never alone but always lonely. See there’s people all around you, but you’re a Sparrow trapped behind glass Your suffocation eats you alive but they’re all watching, waiting for your bird song Blinded when your lungs are collapsing underneath those pretty feathers But lately my song has just been a series of silences that last too long accompanied by the sharp notes of others emotions.. Read More

ZIP – Learning About Poetry, and Each Other

Going from just learning about Slam Poetry in the ZAP project alone and writing my very first slam poem, to co-writing and exploring the world of Slam more in-depth artistically, that too with another person, was quite the journey. However, I feel like I learned a lot about myself, about my partner, and about the real art form of poetry throughout this process. I was so fortunate as to have.. Read More

Pauline Léon: Final Letter

October 17, 1795 – Paris, France I am writing this to whoever may find it, and however fortunate you find yourself to read my last words on this standpoint for now, is entirely up to you. Through the past few years, I and the women I stand with have never exactly been against any one person in particular; we have been enraged by the society that has confined us all.. Read More