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I can't quite comprehend whether it's the real life or just fantasy.


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Autumn, Books and Coffee Shops? My Kind of Day (Eminent #0.5)

**(A bit of a prequel to my first post, also not so much of a prequel to my first post.) Autumn is by far, my absolute favourite season. Ask anyone who is friends with me, and they will tell you so. Now having that in mind, imagine me presented with this situation: A sunny, yet cool autumn day, leaves of varied colours and crispness fallen everywhere and ornamenting trees; a leisurely.. Read More

10 Years to Fill a Stadium, But Only 2 minutes to Fill Your Cranium (Eminent #1)

“I’ve got 10 years to fill a stadium, but only 2 minutes to fill your cranium. Humble the Poet, signing in.” Toronto born, Sikh-Punjabi rapper, spoken word artist, elementary school teacher, and author. What a lovely bouquet of titles to his name. 34 year old Kanwer Singh, a.k.a. Humble the Poet has the honor of being one of the first (and I believe, only) Sikh Punjabi-Canadians to be in the.. Read More

The Birth of the New World!

Though the term “The New World” is commonly used to describe the Western Hemisphere, is it really fair to say the “New World” is result of European sailors trudging around on their boats and stumbling upon land, continuing on to colonize where they sailed to? We honestly owe quite a bit of the technology and resource we have today, and the resources that propelled those sailors to come to the.. Read More

When In Doubt, Ponder About

When told to consider a post on pondering, I immediately thought, “Why this is exactly in my realm of expertise!” For I practically weed out situations and people I can have these seemingly arbitrary discussions with, as it’s the simple thought of thinking about something bigger than myself or those around me that excites me the most about the whole concept. Now, I generally question existence (i.e. have an existential.. Read More

Culture Comes Full Circle – Was It Really Worth It?

The conflict among cultures was a very prominent theme throughout history, that affected most –  if not all – major wars and developments in civilizations. In Columbus, the Indians, and Human Progress, this theme had been sewed between the lines frequently. The Europeans and the Native people (in all circumstances described) held two very different ideals. The Europeans were brought up through a religious system. The search for resources to use was for their.. Read More